Lake City, Michigan


20-22, 2024

Workshop Lineup

Breathing With the Trees

with Joe Reilly

Music and mindfulness practices in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

We will enjoy singing, sitting and walking meditation together, coming back to the present moment with mindfulness and compassion.

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Chakra Balancing Yoga Flow

with Crystal Woodward-Turner

This unique class focuses on the seven chakras, the energetic center within the human body.

We’ll move through poses and movements that assist in the alignment of each individual chakra, moving up the spine from the root (muladhara) chakra to the crown (Sahasrara) chakra. We will use the energetic flow of prana to assist in balancing the chakras enhancing overall health and wellness. This class strives to leave you energetic and vibrant.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Chakradance for the Sacral Chakra—Finding your Flow

with Angie Fox

Music, free-form meditative movement, a guided journey into the sweetness of life with gratitude as our catalyst, and mandala art creation are all part of this exploration.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Community Singalong

with Hearth & Hymn

Come sing and be with the tall trees!

We’ll share songs you can learn by ear and sing with nothing but your one true heart. Everyone is welcome! Recording devices are welcome, too. Song sheets provided.

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Connecting with Kids

with Beth Keller

Tools for fostering mutually respectful (and lasting!) connections with the kids in our care.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Creating Vessels to Honor the Earth

with HeartSeed

The weight of the changes we are experiencing can be heavy and light.

Our workshop is a space to gather up, share our sadness and joys, and find new ways to honor the earth; to take care. We will build reliquaries to offer the land, listen and share in a facilitated discussion on how we are moving through our world as the climate changes.

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Cyanotype Printing

with Adventure Textiles

In this demonstration attendees will learn about the cyanotype printing process. We’ll go over how to mix your own chemistry and how to create beautiful blue and white prints with the sun.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Deep Listening

with Amber Hasan and Josh Holcomb

Explore Deep Listening, a concept and lifelong practice developed by visionary musician Pauline Oliveros. We will meditate, listen, and create sound together with an emphasis on presence and heart.

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Earthwork Water Walk

with Great Lakes Brass

A Harvest Gathering Second Line for Water

Great Lakes Brass and Title Track invite you to participate in a multi-cultural workshop and second line parade that travels from Maddie’s Circle to the Water Blessing on Hill Stage.

Gather in Maddie’s to learn how many cultures integrate walking music into their celebrations and ceremonies. You’ll hear the history of the Earthwork water blessing as well as the inspiration behind this living new tradition, “The Water Walk,” led by Great Lakes Brass. You’ll learn a song or two while we prepare to walk together – becoming a living, metaphorical, musical steam of water, traveling from the Barn to the Hill, inviting all of Harvest Gathering to join along the way.

Featuring: Fred Bueltmann, Josh Keller, Jarad Saxsquatch Selner, Scott Dumas, Carolyn Koebel, Dede Alder, and Andrew Schrock

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Ebb N Flow Relaxation

with Shea Cobb

Take some time, extend, flex, bend and release energy so good that it has to come back to you. Take a break for a gratifying relaxation.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Embody Your Gratitude: A Somatic Equinox Ritual

with Hilary Lake

Move in gratitude for the earth, waters, fire, air and ethers.

A trauma informed embodiment ritual to honor the harvest and equinox and practice giving and receiving in community.

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Exploring The Infinite

with Members of Heavy Color

Members of the group Heavy Color will facilitate an interactive exploration in polyrhythm, active listening and sharing space in a collaborative rhythmic and harmonic meditation.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Healing the Nervous System through Accessible Yoga

with Jonathan Richard of Take Root Wellness

This workshop will combine tools from yoga and psychology to heal your vagus nerve which moves us from surviving to thriving. We will use breath work, movement, and meditation in our shared journey.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Herb Walk

with Sierra LaRose

Join Sierra for a walk around the farm exploring it’s wild plant inhabitants. We will engage with the plants in relationship through getting to know them and learn ways we can live in reciprocity.

Meet at Hill Stage.

Hooping with Maiya

with Maiya Merrick

Come smile, heal, and re-connect with your playful self in this hula-hooping workshop for beginners and intermediate hoopers alike. With the right hoop and some helpful pointers, you can learn the basics.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Improv Games for All Levels!

with Christian B. Gaian

Improv games connect us to our capacity to play and to live in the moment—if you’ve ever watched improv and thought “that looks fun but I could never do it”, this is a safe place to play!

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Intercultural Considerations for Healthcare Providers

with Celine Bridges

If we don’t consider someones cultural beliefs around health, we may hurt more than help our clients. Come learn the 8 questions to ask your clients when discussing health along with other cultural considerations

Meet at Barn Stage.

Intro to Reiki: History and Conversation

with Brittany Lynn Goode

During this workshop, we will go over the history of Reiki and what it is. We will also practice self reiki. You will walk always feeling relaxed, energized and curious.

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Jordan Hamilton Unplugged

with Jordan Hamilton

Songs, loops, and stories with Jordan Hamilton

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Learn to Play the Bones

with Emily and San Slomovits

The bones are an ancient percussion instrument consisting of a pair of curved pieces of wood (in imitation of bones). Sounding similar to castanets, can be played one-handed or with both hands.

They sound great with many different styles of music.

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Living Room Conversations

with Melissa Scales Hamilton

Living Room Conversations: simple, sociable and structured way to practice communicating across differences while building understanding and relationships. We take turns talking, sharing, learning, and be curious around Listening Courageously.

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Love Street Live

with Kimberly Megoran

Love Street Live brings music & art collaboration. Bring an instrument Sing us your song and/or paint on the piece we are creating together. donated to Festival. Lasting memories.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Macrame with Rachel

with Bare Bones Bohemia

Learning basic knots. Mind body connection and creating space to connect and create.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Meditative Morning Yoga Flow

with Shelley Smith of Yoga Food Life

Meet your breath, body and heart in meditative morning yoga flow.

With feet planted on the earth and spirit soaring in the ether, we’ll cultivate and celebrate deeply nourishing connections.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Nature Connection Land Mural

with Rachel Marco-Havens

An interactive art piece gathering medicine from the farm and participants offerings.

Meet at Hill Stage.

Preparing to Record

with Ian Gorman

Panel Discussion

In this round table discussion featuring Michigan engineers and producers, we’ll discuss ways to plan for your recording project to make the most out of your studio time and best capture your artistic vision.

Meet at Maddie's Circle.

Queer & Trans Gathering

with Liis (he/they) & Chris (they/he)

An actively supportive social space for queer, trans, LGBTQIA+ folks to gather and connect.

We will introduce ourselves and have open discussion.

All LGBTQIA+ people are welcome!

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.

Reclaim Balance: Daily Micro-shifts for Balanced Living

with Lindsay Walter, Balanced Lifestyle Guide

My 4 Pillar Method for Balanced living helps people reclaim balance creating micro-shifts in their daily lives.

Wellness, self-care, personal development and relationships make up the four pillars, I show you how to use them.

Meet at Healing and Wellness Tent.