Lake City, Michigan


20-22, 2024

Earthwork Water Walk

with Great Lakes Brass

A Harvest Gathering Second Line for Water

Great Lakes Brass and Title Track invite you to participate in a multi-cultural workshop and second line parade that travels from Maddie’s Circle to the Water Blessing on Hill Stage.

Gather in Maddie’s to learn how many cultures integrate walking music into their celebrations and ceremonies. You’ll hear the history of the Earthwork water blessing as well as the inspiration behind this living new tradition, “The Water Walk,” led by Great Lakes Brass. You’ll learn a song or two while we prepare to walk together – becoming a living, metaphorical, musical steam of water, traveling from the Barn to the Hill, inviting all of Harvest Gathering to join along the way.

Featuring: Fred Bueltmann, Josh Keller, Jarad Saxsquatch Selner, Scott Dumas, Carolyn Koebel, Dede Alder, and Andrew Schrock

Meet at Maddie's Circle.