Sept 15-17, 2023 • Lake City, Michigan


Lake City, Michigan


SEPT 15-17, 2023

If you plan on volunteering, buy a ticket. Volunteer shift selection available May 1.


Shifts will be available soon!

You are the heartbeat of Harvest Gathering.

We’re so glad that you’re interested to lend a hand at Earthwork Farm this year.

3 shifts = 1 ticket

Each shift is 4 hours, and as with the last few years, we’ll be paying out for individual shifts completed.
  • Your first two shifts will pay out $50 for each shift completed.
  • Your third shift will pay out the remainder (to pay for the entire ticket price!)
If you have any questions about this new process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll get you taken care of! Again, thank you, we are so excited to get back to being part of the amazing crew of volunteers that make this event happen year after year!

To be abundantly clear

You do NOT need to pay for a ticket this year—IF you’re going to volunteer for all 3 shifts.
  • Buy a $0 volunteer ticket.
  • You’ll enter your credit card to place this order; it will be used as your deposit at checkin until your shifts are completed.
  • We’ll email you with more info and instructions when volunteer scheduling opens May 1.
  • Volunteer tickets will be valid 3-day festival ticket once your 3+ shifts have been scheduled and approved.
  • These tickets include camping and parking.
  • RV parking will need to be purchased separately.

You will sign-up for shifts at a later date.

Photo credit: Misty Lyn Bergeron

Absolutely no fires , pets, drones, fireworks, kegs, or charcoal devices are allowed.