Lake City, Michigan


20-22, 2024

Art Vendor Lineup


Upcycled wool and denim clothing and accessories. Featuring: adult/children’s sweaters, ponchos, hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, and bags.

Adventure Textiles

Adventure Textiles is a fiber accessory company focused on weaving, sewing, natural dye and cyanotype processes.

Argil Pottery

Wheel thrown and hand built pottery crafted from a stoneware and porcelain mix clay. Kiln fired with multiple food safe glazes.

Bear Earth Herbals

Bear Earth Herbals is a small, woman owned and run herbal salve and tea company based out of our small herb farm in rural Northern Michigan. We are inspired by people like you who choose to support small sustainable businesses. We are driven by our mission – to bring the plants to the people and the people back to the earth. Relationship is our foundation – relationship with plants, people and planet.

Botanica Lumina

Botinica Lumina started with art but my love of plants and medicine completes isacred geometry, incense, sustainably sourced cacao, herbs, beeswax candles with natural dye, bug spray, herbs, love.

Brazilian Shack

Michele Monteiro design the elements from the mother nature as seeds, stones, grass, and feathers.

BtW Design

Bags, totes, and whatever I can design from new and reused fabrics.

Characters On Parade

I offer face and body paint, hair wraps, and hair feathers. I also have a small section of handmade salable items which changes according to inspiration.

Dalman Pottery

Maker of Wood-fired Housewares


Flora+Fungi is an eco artist from northern Michigan who creates earth based creations with plants native to the Great Lakes Bioregion.

With a focus on wild botanical skincare, she handcrafts a range of natural skincare products from serums and lotions to lip balms, salves, shampoo bars, soaps and more.

Textile art is her other passion – she offers a range of functional plant dyed textiles hand block printed with imagery of the inhabitants of the Great Lakes Region, be they flora, fauna or fungi.

Gemini Handmade

Gemini Handmade is a family owned and operated leather-goods studio and shop. We make handcrafted leather wallets, bags, jewelry, and other accessories.

Isobel & Ernest

Hand dyed clothing, Handmade apothecary, candles, and accessories.

It’s a denise

Intricate beaded, leather and intentional jewelry.

Kreate Studio

Hand made Stained glass made with attention to detail and love in the Tiffany style. I do small suncatchers to catch the eye, and larger pieces that speak to the soul.

Grosse Pointe Strings

I am a luthier; if it has strings, I make it sing. Full service string shop for repair and rehair, I’ll be there.

Oddment Apparel

I create one of a kind clothing and accessories for all sizes and genders from pre consumer recycled textiles.

Rowan Grey

It all begins with the fabrics. I strive to create pieces that are not only exceptionally comfortable, beautiful and functional, but that are also firmly rooted in sustainability.

My fabrics are hand selected for their texture, drape, weight and color, as well as their environmental impact and ethical production methods. I source my fabrics from a small handful of suppliers who work closely with the mills to ensure the highest standards are adhered to in all levels of production. All colored fabrics and prints are made with non-toxic, low-impact dyes.

Sew Blue Monday

One of kind hand sewn festival style patchwork clothing and accessories.

Solstice Handmade

Hand printed art, apparel, and accessories patterned with illustrations from nature

Sunshine Henna Body ArtI

I use fresh, organic, hand mixed henna paste to create unique body art that stains great and is safe for sensitive skin types. No stencils, all free hand, custom henna designs.

Sweetgrass Ties and Dyes

Sweetgrass covers the Michigan festival circuit with gorgeous tapestries, T-shirts, dresses and one of a kind festival clothing and wearable art . Everything is hand tied and dyed using the finest materials.

Sweetwater Ceramics

Ceramics and original art inspired by the woods and waters of Michigan, featuring hand carved and sculpted designs of wildlife, mushrooms, and herbal plant allies. Hand thrown mugs, planters, bowls, and other functional art.

The Woodchuckery

Steve Davis has been indulging in woodwork for many years, sharing his expertise through The Woodchuckery. Hailing from Merritt, MI some of his popular items include white birch, rustic items, carved wood spoons, and bird houses.

To the Moon Holistic Healing

I create all natural herbal medicines to heal body, mind and spirit. Medicines include tinctures, elixirs, salves, bath soak blends, spiritual care, cleansing and grounding. Also lead womens circles

Yana Dee Ethical Apparel

Organic, Natural, & Salvaged Clothing & Accessories

Zeek's Magic Bus

A wondrous collaboration of fascinating items! Parouse the bus for curios and vintage finds including clothing, accessories, musical equipment, vinyl records, cassette tapes, books, stickers, and more