Lake City, Michigan


20-22, 2024

Sunken Melody

Steve Leaf has been making music for a while, like, since the theatrical release of ‘Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone’ while. Playing in projects like The Ex Pats, Public Access, and Stepladders, as well as guest performing with acts like The Crane Wives, Chad Stokes, Marc Cohn and others, Steve brings a “team player” approach to music.

“He’s like if you bolted a guitar to a Swiss Army knife. But also he’s American, not Swiss” says one close acquaintance.

As Aaron Burr says to Alexander Hamilton in the worldwide phenomenon musical, Hamilton, ‘talk less, smile more’ Steve applies a similar philosophy to the guitar; ‘shred less, listen more’. That’s the impetus for his new ambient project entitled ‘Sunken Melody’, sparse compositions of drum machine, synthesizer, vocal, and guitar to weave a sound that makes you think of a dream you just can’t quite remember or as Steve likes to say ‘music that’s good to nap to.’