Lake City, Michigan


20-22, 2024

SetUFree Collective

SetUFree.co is a dynamic group of independent creators rooted in Hip-Hop & Indigenous African vibrations collaborating in various ways specializing in multimedia productions, projects, events, products & installations. SetUFree.co means “Freedom of Self”. Freedom beyond speech &/or art. The freedoms every being, having a human experience should obtain for their liberation. Applying these 5 rules of Hip-Hop (Peace, Love, Unity, Knowledge & Having Fun) as their mantra & syllabus in daily practice & collaboration. SetUFree projects a familiar yet unique experience. We call it “the Vibe”. Come vibe with us.

​Our art style is referred to as freedom fighting, which is a style of an artist who works the culture in very meaningful ways. The style of an SetUFree artist seeks to uplift the quality of life with their community as well as share their brilliant artist excellence in beautiful ways through Ancestral technology & African based knowledge systems that honors the heart, mind, body,
and spirit. SetUFree.co has pillars in music, film, design, & storytelling as an arts organization and indie record company.