Lake City, Michigan


20-22, 2024

Peter Madcat Ruth’s C.A.R.Ma. Quartet

The C.A.R.Ma. Quartet plays Eclectic Traditional and Improvisational Music. American Roots Music, Blues, Folk Music, Jazz, and World Music are all part of the mix.

  • Peter Madcat Ruth is a Grammy Award-winning virtuoso harmonica player based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has established an international reputation through his exhilarating, riveting virtuosity on the harmonica.
  • John Churchville is a Grammy Award-winning tabla drummer. He was the founding member of the award winning Indian fusion group, Sumkali.
  • Brennan Andes was a founding member of The Macpodz, and he has accompanied countless musicians from the region and beyond including Luke Winslow-King, George Bedard, Sumkali, The Ragbirds, Rootstand, Chris Bathgate, Jen Sygit, Seth Bernard, May Erlewine, Andy Adamson Quintet, Chris Good, Dick Siegel, The Tone Farmers, Vincent York, and The Pherotones.
  • Dan Ripke toured and performed with the rock-bluegrass quintet, Back Forty, for 15 years. After Back Forty, Dan took an exploratory dive into Indian music with the band, Sumkali.

The C.A.R.Ma. Quartet—our name: C. is for John Churchville, A. is for Brennan Andes, R. is for Dan Ripke, Ma. is for Madcat.