Lake City, Michigan


20-22, 2024

Great Lakes Brass

Inspired by New Orleans, born of the Great Lakes: Great Lakes Brass draws from New Orleans traditions, where brass bands express the pulse of communities; celebrating life, mourning loss, and looking ahead. Reverence for history is intertwined with ongoing creative adaptation, and our pledge to play it forward.

Trumpet, trombone, and saxophone play familiar melodies driven by sousaphone and percussion. On the street or the stage, our music moves. Based in Fennville, MI – Great Lakes Brass features a lineup of remarkable Michigan musicians, including Fred Bueltmann (Sousaphone), Josh Keller (Trumpet), Jarad Saxsquatch Selner (Saxophone), Scott Dumas (Trombone), Dede Alder (Drums), Carolyn Koebel (Drums), Andrew Schrock (Vocals), and many others.