Lake City, Michigan


20-22, 2024

Crystal Woodward-Turner

Crystal Woodward-Turner has had a lifelong relationship with both natural healing and music, earning several healing arts and yoga certifications; she is the founder of Karasi Fitness and Healing Arts in Traverse City. Crystal is celebrated for creating innovative soul stirring sound experiences combining yoga-inspired movements, music and meditation in unique venues, immersing voice, strings, art and sacred sounds.

At Harvest, she will lead a sacred sound healing movement and meditation experience cultivating community consciousness through grounding and self-love as we move through the art of transformation from the inside out.

Crystal is excited to share a soulful, energetic, self-love provoking set of positive lyrics, vibrant vocals, energetic beats and sacred sounds cultivated to nurture, nourish and energetically uplift the mind, body and spirit. “Finding Brilliance Through Resilience”