Lake City, Michigan


20-22, 2024

Chris Dorman and Friends

Chris Dorman wears many hats; Dad, Writer, Composer, Farmer, Community Builder, and Early Childhood Educator.

A serial collaborator, Chris has worked with dozens of musicians, artists, and engineers to produce nine full-length albums of original music as Chris Dorman and Mister Chris. Chris studied with many mentors and experts in the realm of Early Childhood Education, which enabled his founding of Music For Sprouts in 2012. This beloved Early Childhood Music Program provided music and movement classes and workshops for ages Birth to 5 years.

Chris and his team ran weekly classes for nearly 200 children. Many organizations in Vermont took note of the program and hired Music For Sprouts to visit schools, run workshops for Educators, and commissioned original songs. Vermont PBS contracted Chris to create an original Public Television Show. In 2017, he created, acted in, and wrote the screenplay for Mister Chris and Friends, a family Television show co-produced by Vermont PBS. The show ran for two seasons, received widespread praise throughout Vermont and beyond.