Lake City, Michigan


20-22, 2024

Darlene’s Recycle Store

Howdy all.

Here’s is this year’s lost and found, though not all of it. In years past, i made sure to photograph everything that was found the week after Harvest. As you can imagine, things trickle in each day and even by the following wkend, we’re still finding items.

All decent fabrics get washed (if dirty/smelly/wet) and dried and packed away nicely to hopefully be found by it’s owner. Sadly, only a few people each year avail of the service and so this year i’m offering photos of the important finds and some of the easier items to photograph. If you did lose some clothing or an item in the pictures, please email me [moteldarlene@yahoo.com] and i’ll look out for it when unpacking next Harvest. If you’ve lost something important and cannot wait (keys, ID …) let me know and i’ll connect you with the right person on the farm where you can pick it up or have it COD’d to you.

Wishing everyone a wonderful autumn.
Darlene & the Recycle Store