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Welcome to the Kids’ Tent!

Welcome to our online Kids’ Tent!
We’ve got music, activities, and crafts. Take your time, look around, and enjoy things when and how you want.

We hope we’ll be hearing from some of you with your memories of past Harvest Gatherings or ideas for the future. Have an adult reach out to us at

Attention adults/teens! We are looking for people who would like to lead a craft or activity at the next in-person Harvest Gathering:

Harvest Kids’ Greeting
(5 mins)

Mama Luna Songs & Dance
(15 mins)

Berry Box Craft

Berry Box Instrument:
You will need:
– A plastic clamshell-style berry box
– An old newspaper/magazine that you can cut up
– Glue
– Rubber bands (wider ones are best)

1. Find a newspaper or magazine with pictures you like, and ask an adult if it’s okay to cut it up for this craft. Then go ahead and cut out a few pictures (you won’t need many).

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Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft

Egg Carton Caterpillar
You will need:
– A cardboard egg carton
– Paint and paintbrushes (recommended), or crayons/markers
– Two sticks or one pipe cleaner
– Glue
– (optional) Two buttons or googly-eyes and glue

1. Take just the bottom part of the egg carton and cut it in half lengthwise. Trim off any extra flaps of cardboard.

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Found Object Pirate Ship – contest!

Ahoy! If ye be marooned on land a bit too long this year, what better way to be passin’ the time than buildin’ a fine vessel?
We have a special added activity to keep all our young bilgerats in a pirate mood.

It’s a “Build a Pirate Ship” contest. We wants you to find things around your house and create your own version of a pirate ship. It can be made of anything ye choose, just don’t be buyin’ any materials for it. It doesn’t have to float, but ‘twould be bonny if it did!

The prize for the winning ship will be a treasure box full of all kinds of loot an’ booty.

Treasure box prize
(example – actual prize may vary)

Scavenger Hunt – Prize Activity

Every year at the Kids’ Tent we’ve offered some variety of Scavenger Hunt. We’ve designed this one to be possible at home, but not necessarily easy! Take your time, get creative, and have fun.

  • Find everything on the list and take photos of them. Labels are helpful so we know which item we’re looking at!
  • Go ahead and group multiple items in one photo when you’re able.

The List:
1. Something you made    2. Something another person in your house made
3. A stapler    4. Obsolete technology
5. Souvenir or memento from a previous music festival (doesn’t have to be Harvest Gathering)
6. A seed    7. A picture of a pet
8. Something from your fridge that’s no longer edible    9. A feather
10. A coupon    11. Litter    12. Something you just learned
13. Something you feel    14. A red or yellow leaf
15. A mistake    16. An idea for next year’s Scavenger Hunt

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Joe Reilly – Kids’ Set
(27 mins)

The Mammals Family Band
(2 mins)

Lid Mosaic Craft

Lid Mosaic
You will need:
– A lid from a canning jar, pickle jar, or similar
– An adult with a nail and hammer or a drill
– Glue
– Beans of different colors, popcorn, and similar
– String or yarn

1. Have an adult punch a hole near the edge of the lid and check for sharp edges.

2. Choose which side of the lid you want to work with. As long as you cover it completely it doesn’t much matter, but I suggest using the shiny side of a canning jar lid, but with a pickle lid you might prefer to use the inner white side.

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Plastic Bag Dragon Craft

Plastic Bag Dragon
You will need:
– Three plastic grocery bags (If your family only uses reusable bags, great job!
Someone you know will have plastic bags to give you.)
– One toilet paper tube
– Markers (I suggest red, black and orange to start)
– Scissors

1. Your toilet paper tube will be the head of the dragon. In one end, cut two deep V shapes on opposite sides of the tubes. You can then cut out smallers V shapes in the edges of the large V to form teeth.

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TP Tube Organizer Craft

TP Tube Organizer
You will need:
– Eight toilet paper (TP) tubes
– Six metal/plastic lids that will fit inside the toilet paper tubes (milk jug or iced tea bottle lids may work) OR plastic from a yogurt container or other recycling cut to size
– Scissors
– Markers or crayons

1. Take two of the TP tubes and cut them widthwise into eight equal sections – so you will have 16 rings that are approximately ½” tall. To get the rings close to the same size, try cutting the tube in half first, then cut each of those two pieces in half, then cut each of those four
pieces in half. In the course of cutting the rings will become somewhat flattened but this is fine.

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Josh Dunigan – Let’s Make Music!
(30 mins)

Add Four card game

Remove the face cards and jokers from the deck (play with Ace-10).
Deal 4 cards to each player and 4 cards face up on the table.
Add up the value of the four face-up cards (aces are worth 1).
Remember this number!

Replace cards in your hand until you (a) have one card of each suit and (b) their total value is the same as the value of the four face-up cards from the beginning of the game. If the face-up cards were 2, 4, 5, and 7, the cards in your hand also need to add up to 18, in any combination that represents all four suits. Example: 3 of diamonds, 3 of hearts, 4 of spades, 8 of clubs.

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Kid v. Adult

Whichever person wins the greatest number of these competitions is the champion! Each activity is designed to be one-one-one, but you could also play with teams of multiple kids and adults. 

1. Finger Bean
You will need: Small dry beans (black, navy, etc.), a small cup for each person, and one finger per person
For each person, place a pile of ten beans on a table and a cup around 4 feet away. Each person must pick up one bean at a time by pressing their fingertip down on the bean to make it stick, and then move the bean – without turning their finger over – and drop it in the cup. If a bean drops on the way, they press and carry it from where it drops. The first person to get all ten beans in their cup wins.

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