Sept 15-17, 2023 • Lake City, Michigan


Lake City, Michigan


SEPT 15-17, 2023

If you plan on volunteering, buy a ticket. Volunteer shift selection available May 1.

Forever Colophon

A colophon describes the methods, tools, and materials used to make a creative work. Traditionally, colophons were included as the ending flourish of making a book. This is our colophon for how we produce the Earthwork Harvest Gathering (EHG) “Forever” look, which is our brand when our annual custom design is dormant (i.e., post-event and pre-next-year’s-custom-design).


Green: #8DC760

Yellow: #FFCA0C

Orange: #FCAF39

Crispy Leaf: #B35216

Brown: #896F5F

Red: #CD2055

Blue: #2282AA

Black: #26282A


Futura PT Extra Bold

For impactful headings.

Futura PT Book

For regular text and copy.

Rooney Bold

For headings that don't require a sledgehammer.

Felt Tip Roman Heavy

Our scripty font.

Futura PT Condensed Bold

For buttons and form labels.