Sept 15-17, 2023 • Lake City, Michigan


Lake City, Michigan


Sept 15-17, 2023


Fellow Earthlings and Beloved Community

Earthwork Harvest Gathering is one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever been a part of. As a child, attending locally organized, family friendly music festivals helped shape me and the work I have set out to do. I have come to trust and take refuge in the power of music to build bridges of shared humanity. To heal our hearts, and the world.

Harvest Gathering is every bit as much about the workshops, aimed at educating, inspiring, organizing, and activating us as individuals and as a beloved community. Tools for life in the mid 21st century.

We have a full weekend of fun in the kid’s tent, toddler town, and a host of kids concerts. This year we will also have a special program for young adults aimed at empowering the next generation of water protectors!

Stay tuned for more on that, the food, the artistan vendors, the sponsorship program, and so much more.

A three-day cultural celebration

Earthwork Harvest Gathering creates an intergenerational safe space to cultivate healing, empowerment and collaborative community enrichment in a three-day cultural celebration on Earthwork Farm in rural Northern Michigan.

Earthwork Harvest Gathering celebrates diversity, practices inclusivity while activating civic engagement and encouraging social-ecological awareness among its attendees, volunteers, performers, vendors, staff, and guests through workshops, panel discussions, and cultural traditions with an emphasis on local food and farming—in addition to a robust and eclectic offering of musical performances.

  1. Reflect on interdependence
  2. Take Responsibility
  3. Nurture Respect
  4. Deepen Relationships
  5. Actively foster Restoration

Gates open to the public at 8 a.m. on Friday

(Gate closes every night at midnight)

What is provided?

  • FREE water
  • FREE camping
  • FREE parking
  • 90+ bands
  • Dozens of workshops
  • Kids’ tent and youth-empowerment project
  • Food from over 40 local farms
  • Farmers’ Market with farmer vendors and permaculture education
  • Longhouse for Native cultural education
  • Community art projects
  • Handmade art from local artisans
  • Courtesy transport
  • 3 stages
  • An all-festival water blessing and interfaith panel discussion on water
  • Waltz hour!


Open mic, Women’s tent, Healing and Wellness tent, co-ed Youth Basketball camp and tournament, Action Alley with non-profit tables, kids’ parade, eco-friendly portable potties, a very special raffle, roving musicians and so much more!


Press inquiries

For press inquiries related to the Earthwork Harvest Gathering, or anything else, please contact us.


Covid Statement

We haven’t held Harvest Gathering since 2019 due to the pandemic. We will continue to track the spread of the virus in the weeks to come and will release a statement closer to the event if mitigation protocols seem necessary.

What is not allowed

No weapons

Instruments of harm, and harm-causing mindsets are not welcome at our Gathering.

No fires

We have 3 designated campfires for attendees to gather and play around at night. No fires, no wood or charcoal camp stoves.

No pets

No. This means no dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, etc… Please enjoy this time with your fellow humans.