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  • Vending is full and 2023 stage lineup is booked. Thank you everyone for your participation.
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Guitar Raffle

This year we’ll be giving away a Breedlove Eco Collection Discovery S Concert African Mahogany-African Mahogany Acoustic Guitar—generously donated by Elderly Instruments.

Visit the Mercantile Booth

We have a large assortment of soft goods available featuring this year’s new design.

The Earthwork Mercantile Booth will also be selling all the merch from this year’s bands. Come see us—just north of the Cedar Stage.

The new design

Presenting the 2023 Earthwork Harvest Gathering logo, created by Arthur Lee Marshall @arfwork

Arthur came to our sign painting party on the farm last summer and really kicked it out. He then took it upon himself to paint a mural on the little shack at the entrance during Harvest last year! Maybe you saw him when you came in? His work can also be found in a few nooks and crannies of the property where he has donated paintings! 

In March, Arthur did a residency at Earthwork Farm and we are thrilled with the design that he has created to guide the way toward our beloved Gathering every third weekend in September.

Shirts, hoodies, totes, and other swag will be available at Earthwork Mercantile featuring this sweet design from our buddy Arthur.

Lend a hand

Volunteer signup and scheduling is open—if you plan on volunteering, please do the following:

  1. Buy $0 ticket.
  2. Register to volunteer.
  3. Choose departments and request shifts from your dashboard.

A three-day cultural celebration

Earthwork Harvest Gathering creates an intergenerational safe space to cultivate healing, empowerment and collaborative community enrichment in a three-day cultural celebration on Earthwork Farm in rural Northern Michigan.


Our musical lineup is here—magical music makers from near and far! We’re thrilled with this bill.

Gate opens at 8AM on Friday, Sept 15


Main Gate

The Harvest Gathering gate is on the north end of the farm, off Cutcheon Road.

Gates open at 8 a.m. and close at midnight, each night.

846 E. Cutcheon Road

Resonant Bodies

Aerial arts at the Hill Stage

The heart-centered mission of Resonant Bodies is to sprinkle joys of aerial dance, music, and healing arts across the land through collaborative phenomena, enhancing the quality of life through the vehicles of expression, awareness, and touch, contributing to a kinder and healthier world. It is the creative work of Cassie Catania, aerialist and bodyworker based in Ann Arbor, MI. She is passionate about aerial dance as a movement form that aids in building confidence, self-discovery, and embodied awareness and that serves as an avenue for unbounded creative exploration and expression.

9:45 p.m. Friday

9:45 p.m. Saturday, co-creating with Dede

Zeek's Bus

Stop in and say hello

You can find the Zeek’s Bus up near the Hill Stage, over by the gravesites of our beloved friends Patrick Carroll, Phil Wintermute, and David Fetzer.

We keep a lot of things in it—from cool old sweaters and sweatshirts, to tapes and records. So, if you need something, you might find it. Ask Jasmine Lace if you need help looking, she runs the bus—Jasmine is an amazing homesteader, loom master, and fabric artist from East Jordan.

Matt Taylor and Yusuf Lateef, muralists from Toledo, painted the murals on it.

Harvest Crossword

This puzzle, by Drew Tyner (bassist, Go Rounds), requires no introduction; that said, this particular crossword is guided by the principles of Earthwork Harvest Gathering founder Samuel Seth Bernard: radical inclusion, gifting, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, participation, and immediacy.

Water Protector’s Training Camp

Connect with artists and activists

Water Protector’s Training Camp (WPTC) is a new program from Title Track that provides an opportunity for young people (ages 12 to 17) to connect with professional artists and activists to create music, creative writing, art, and video while exploring their commitment to being a Water Protector.

The first cohort of WPTC will occur in-person at Earthwork Harvest Gathering.