Yup, we're gearing up for our 17th annual Harvest Gathering and we're so excited to bring Leave No Trace back.


Like many events, there is never enough help after the event to clean up. It falls upon a few who have already put in over a weeks' worth of hard work.

Last year, a few of us fed just over 10,000 cans and bottles into refundable machines. Yes, it's crazy, but it helps the festival to get back the best return. However, our energy could be used in other places, and we would rather that than spend time on our guests empty bottles.

It has also been quite a shock on Monday am (post fest) when many people finally clean out their camps and cars and leave piles upon piles of garbage for (again) a few to deal with. It's possible that people forget that they are on someone's land - a home. I can't imagine that our guests would treat a national forest like this, so we're hoping that everyone will realize that we need to show more respect to the farm owner (Seth's pop Bob) and to the team that bring you a most wonderful gathering in Sept.

Here's how it will go:

* trash and recycle bins will be 'downtown' around stages, workshop areas and food booths.
* butt cans will be distributed as per usual.
* when you arrive, you'll recieve a small trash bag (if you don't have your own) as you arrive through the gate. The name and ph. # of the driver will be writting on the bag which you will take home with you. If we find a bag left behind, we'll know who left it.

If you're a parent with a little one in diapers, let the Gate people know and we'll instruct you as to where you can bring your poopy diapers. :)

Let's have a respecfully awesome collaboration this Harvest!
darlene darlenYa and Dylan Cook,
EW HG Recycle Crew



SEPT. 15-17 2017


FRI  |  SAT  |  SUN


We can't do this without YOU! Check out Help the Herd and find out where you can help!