Harvey Bridge

Hill Stage


In the summer of 2016, five loosely affiliated musicians got together in order to give life to original music that had existed previously only on paper and digital recording devices.

The chemistry between Shirley McCoy (vocals), Bryan Van Brocklin (guitar), Tony Bero (guitar), Zak Johnson (drums), and Luke Johnson (bass) was immediate. Together, they decided to go to work under Bero and the Johnson brothers’ band name, Harvey Bridge.

One year later, they continue to write, produce, and perform their original music for dozens of adoring fans. As all working bands know, it’s tough to work a day job, have a family, and pursue a passion for music. Harvey Bridge records and performs their music as time allows, with the goal of releasing it in digital form first, and eventually in a physical CD that you can buy. Their demo is available to listen on SoundCloud or on BandCamp.

SEPT. 15-17 2017


FRI  |  SAT  |  SUN


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