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“E Minor is a minor scale in music based on the note E – and it also happens to be the stage moniker of
singer/songwriter Elizabeth Landry, who’s been causing a buzz around Traverse City with her “smoky folk” melodies. She’s obviously got enough happening musically to keep her fan base continually growing.”
Kristi Kates – The Northern Express

Originally from the very northern tip of the Mitten, E Minor is now based in Traverse City Michigan. Elizabeth Landry was born into a family heavily influenced by music and arts. Elizabeth grew up traveling and performing music with her four sisters and father. Who were always surrounded by music influenced by father and working musician James Landry aka Majjic.

At 19 Elizabeth traveled across the country to Oregon where she earned part of her living as a street performer while traveling along the coast of Southern Oregon and Northern California. After coming home to be with her family Elizabeth played music locally and with fellow musicians in the Mackinaw City/Cheboygan area.

A few years later Elizabeth took a break from performing after her mother got sick with Breast Cancer. She did not return to music until her mother passed in 2010. After such loss Elizabeth was inspired to continue to write music and start performing again. And moved to Traverse City Michigan where she formed a band with some friends called The Naughty Neighbors (2011-2013). The band had a fast and short lived success. Playing sold out concerts, festivals and opening for well known bands including Rusted Root. At the beginning of 2013 Elizabeth and her band mates decided to work on separate projects, and Elizabeth began to write her first self titled album. Caul Bluhm who played bass in the band, joined Elizabeth touring as a duo playing original music going by the stage name E Minor. A nickname given to her by her bass player. By the summer of 2013 E Minor released her debut album Dust Out Of Sand. Nominated for 3 Jammie awards in Michigan (2014). In 2015 E Minor toured with Caul Bluhm, and occasionally a full band promoting Dust Out Of Sand. In the fall of 2015 Elizabeth joined female super group, Girls With Guitars with five of her closest friends. Including The Accidentals, Miriam Pico, Missy Zenker, and Blake Elliott. The group toured across state lines performing and collaborating on each members original songs. Although The Girls With Guitars are no longer touring, you'll often find them collaborating on each other's stages and albums.

Although E Minor is well known in many parts of the Mitten, her music is well traveled. Touring nationally and playing many well known theaters, breweries, festivals and venues. Originally famous for touring as a duet with Caul Bluhm, E Minor’s songs are often backed up by her full band. Including well known steel guitarist Joe Wilson (Joe Wilson Trio, Steppin in It). With a second album on the rise produced by Joe Wilson. Whether she is playing solo or with the band, many are sure to get lost in E Minor’s heartfelt songs and her sweet and smoky melodies.

SEPT. 15-17 2017


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