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"Sometimes soft, sometimes loud, sometimes smooth, sometimes mature, sometimes childish, sometimes thought provoking. The compelling collection of artist that is Last Gasp has made waves that would leave the pacific envious.
There raw yet passion filled live performance have intrigued thousands in a little over a year. Midwest Fest, Lamplight Festival, and the Black Arts Fest have all served host to the band’s groove.
Made up of Western Michigan Music students and local musicians the diverse group has been brought together by a mutual love of art. Their live arrangements are reminiscent of the internet, the roots, and hiatus kaiyote. This live sound is then fused with with a hip-hop sound not unsimilar to 9th wonder, or the j.u.s.t.i.c.e league. Melodic cello lines, fuzzed out guitar lead, and gospel piano all set a beautiful soundscape underneath the soulful voices of Ashley Hicks and Lakeshore Drew.
Winning kalamazoo’s battle of the bands LGC came out of the gate strong in 2016. The group has shared the stage with acts such as Nappy Roots, Bus Driver, The Go Rounds, Guilty Simpson, Shamar Alef, J. Robb. Yolonda Lavender and DC of Truth Tone continues to be a huge promoter of a collaborative spirit shared amongst many of the local artist,
As this group continues to debunk stereotypes one melody at time. They hope their music continues to touch the hearts of people from all walks of life. Still in their infant stages, pure passion and vision fuels the Last Gasp machine whose potential proves to be limitless. "

SEPT. 15-17 2017


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