Patrick Booth

Cedar Stage


'The Important thing is to never stop questioning."
--A Fortune Cookie

Some might look at the simple saying inside of a fortune cookie as one sided, or anything but fortuitous. These eight simple words conjure up great meaning from so many of my mentors and teachers.
As an artist it is our job to continue to be, continue to do, and continue to become. As an improviser and creative artist, my goal is to question everything that my mind creates, my ears hear, and my senses feel. One may look at a dead end as a sign to turn back, but it might be better to look at it as a new opportunity.

Music is the voice I use to demonstrate my love for the world and its children.
The music performed for Earthwork Harvest Gathering 2017 will be composed specifically for the occasion.

SEPT. 15-17 2017


FRI  |  SAT  |  SUN


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