Perry Robinson

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For over four decades, Perry Robinson has been the sui generis master of the clarinet in jazz, folk and avant-garde music....a truly joyful being alive with magic and a great musician/magician.
Perry Robinson's father , Earl Robinson was a close friend of Pete Seeger. Pete Seeger performed many of Earl's songs. Perry grew up around Pete Seeger and later played with him on many occasions.

*Read this autobiography of Perry Robinson and be amazed by the greats in music he has known and played with, and the many types of music and places he has played.

Sony Rollins wrote "Perry has a reputation for being a person who plays the music he feels in his heart, and it is not the standard types of music that are easily accessible. Among musicians he is known for having real musical integrity." (clarinet and whistles.") He played with Dave Brubeck's band at the same time as Peter Madcat Ruth
and Muruga Booker, as well as the Brubeck sons, Chris, Danny and Darius.

Perry shares with Magdalen Fossum a love of Pete Seeger, old jazz songs, music for the people, for community, for the soul. With Gerry Drums and Mama Luna all the above, plus the knowledge that we play to bring peace to the world. Mama Luna has been uplifted by Perry for years, as he always explains "You dance and we play, we play and you dance, that's how it works!." He has insisted she needed to come and dance at recording sessions. Gerry Drums (from Trinidad) shares "Music-Dance-Poetry is One Art of Love."
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