PhDJ Martoosh

Farmers Market


PhDJ Martoosh (aka Dr. Martin Heller to academia) emerged out of a lifelong love of music and a desire to share that love with others. Mild mannered food systems researcher by day (yes, he really does have a PhD), Martoosh delights in weaving beats and melodies that make people move. From chilled out world beat to in yo’ face hiphop and beyond, diversity is the name of the game. With a longing to dive deepdeepdeep into their beauty, Martoosh has carved a niche by remixing the tunes of Earthwork friends.

A Martoosh set at Harvest is a rare treat, a sort of DJ sabbatical. You may have seen him get shorn on stage during a set in 2008. The beats have grown and the grooves have deepened since then.

Martoosh wishes to remind all Harvest Gatherers to cherish and nourish this precious community around you: just as the trees in the Earthwork woods communicate and share resources through a vast mycelial network, the connections you form during this special gathering surely will provide us with the resilience necessary to allow us all to flourish in an unreliable and turbulent future!

Photo by John Hanson.

SEPT. 15-17 2017


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