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photo by Adɐm Johnson | brockit

Chris Dorman grew up with a piano in his home and from an early age he explored music and found joy in composing.
It was in the open mic scene he first discovered his passion to help nurture positive change through music. As a host of weekly open mic nights he honed his skills on creating a safe environment for new and developing performers. Many incredible artists graced the stage of these open mic nights including folks who'd soon become familiar in the Earthwork Music Collective. This group of artists and the Michigan music scene as a whole gave Chris faith to pursue music as a life long career.

Then came a new inspiration; family. Chris met his wife, Corie, a farmer and educator from New England and they soon brought a son into the world. Chris stayed home during the days with their son and began writing for him while continue to play in the evenings. It was this that opened his eyes to working with children and soon after Chris began playing in schools. The same passion for helping nurture creativity worked incredibly well in this new environment. He was able to take this new approach to Vermont in 2009, when he and Corie were granted the opportunity to purchase conserved farm land in the Burlington area.

It was on this land they would welcome a second child into the world and launch Bread & Butter Farm, a diversified community farm they now call home to many different agricultural and musical programs and enterprises including Chris's music and movement program, Music For Sprouts.

Music For Sprouts is an early childhood music program that connects children and families to the natural world and to each other. Now, in it's 6th year, the program has been wildly popular, is stewarded by three educators, and follows a unique learning approach that has less to do with teaching anyone a particular skill and more to do with learning as much as you can about every student and illuminating that beauty for everyone to appreciate.

Chris's work is now being translated to Public Television where he is collaborating with Vermont PBS to create a Children's Television show that aims to illuminate the natural beauty all around us with stunning music and visuals as our medium to connect.

SEPT. 15-17 2017


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