Hill Stage


‘cloudlight’ formed in 2016 as a collaboration between Bryan Ralph & Jessica Fogle a.k.a. Jessica in The Rainbow. The name is inspired by their time together in Northern Michigan, traveling around Michigan’s pinky on a slightly overcast but otherwise lovely day. The two have performed as guest musicians in each other’s projects since 2014 – at venues such as Uncommon Ground in Chicago, Short’s Brewing in Bellaire, MI – and officially debuted as ‘cloudlight’ in November 2016 at Lamp Light Music Festival in Grand Rapids, MI, with the addition of Mackenzie Carlson (Hill & Honey, Mold) a.k.a. 'sparkles' on electric mandolin. They dare to encapsulate the feeling of staring into the wondrous rays of sunlight, refracted by raindrops and coming through immense clouds drifting across the horizon at the end of some lonesome road. Inspired by highway 22, restlessness, and a desire to simultaneously brighten your day while still being gloomy enough for the cool kids.

(photo credit: Chloe Grigsby @ Authentic Light Photography)

SEPT. 15-17 2017


FRI  |  SAT  |  SUN


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