the Barn

We're gonna do it at the Barn. As always the stalwart Marq "the Sharq" Thompson will be locked into the couch with his brother Brian—live or recorded—telling us (live or recorded) about Logass, the Tour de France and life in the Keweenaw. That's right. And make no mistake. The wheel is coming back! And so is at least 15 minutes of the game show *** Lower your expectations to the ground *** Based on previous years. That's right. We'll also have updates to the Buzz Management Workshop from two years ago (or not at all). Get tickets online because this will be Harvest's first inner-ticketed event. Make no mistake. More guests to come. The house band "Say Yes" will be there playing their new hit: Say Yes, off the album of the same name. And "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie"—never heard before outside the shower. Dart/balloon games are possible, but should not be expected ***Don't see this show from an outside !!!CRACK—get your tickets NOW*** Ryan "True Dutch" Dalman's texts will be revealed! Tom Bohs' original WLFHWK45 slideshow will be on display. Be ready for a fresh "Poem of the Year" from laureate Safety "Steve" Sweeney—the ~~original "el Noché". Spirit animals discussed. Live "reading" by Chris "I'm Not Your Dad" Broadbent. Graham "Don't wrap me up" Parsons and Anna Ash spinning kissing booth. Who will you kiss?! Tickets online. Did I mention > returning as always > Sharq on the Deck—no one forgets that man who makes it all happen—that's right folks: Marq "Wailsharq" Thompson will be on the couch. Get your tickets now! More to come, less to follow!


We've done it all: standup, talkshow, gameshow, live band, giveaways, workshops, big stars, hive minds—what's left: nothing. Friday night come to the barn for the most somber and empty, quiet and reflective set Harvest has ever seen. As we reflect, we raise someone's jersey to the barn rafters.

SEPT. 15-17 2017


FRI  |  SAT  |  SUN


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